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Do you know the individual Profitability of your products and customers?

Sixtina Cost & Profitability

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Sixtina Balanced Scorecard

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Our unique combination of software tools provides performance management solutions that are key to improvement.

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Sixtina C&P (Cost & Profitability)

  • Learn how customers, products, or sales channels contribute (or not) to your company’s profits.
  • Get valuable insights on your costs and what drives them.
  • Stop overhead cost averaging and accurately trace them to different cost objects.
  • Find cost reduction opportunities.
  • Simulate how change will impact your cost structure.
Icono Sixtina BSC

Sixtina BSC (Balanced Scorecard)

  • Build your Strategy Map and measure its execution.
  • Set targets and track performance.
  • Align everyone in your organization with your Mission and Vision.
  • Weigh and track your most strategic indicators.
  • Combine financial and non-financial data in one performance management system.
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Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing lowers costs and reduces IT involvement, while allowing users to access our solutions over the internet at any time from any location.

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Data Automation

To ensure the long-term success of any Performance Management project, our software tools can automate the data queries to minimize data entry and maximize data delivery.

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Real-time Analytics

Timely-delivered and visual accounting data allows managers to make changes when they matter and communicate information faster across the organization.

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