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We provide solutions to business problems that all sizes of organizations experience

Sixtina was founded in Argentina back in 1999. Since then, we have become the leading performance management software provider in the Spanish-speaking market. We have over 20 years of experience providing performance and accounting management solutions that are seamlessly supported by capable, reliable, and affordable tools.

Our approach to management is that “Measurement is the key for improvement” and we believe any organization, no matter its size, can exceedingly benefit from performance management software to thrive.

The combination of consultancy services and own software solutions is what makes us unique and convenient for any organization that seeks continuous improvement.

Our consultants will interiorize themselves with your organization to help you take control by implementing performance and accounting tools and methodologies that deliver accurate, detailed, and timely data for better decision making.

Why Us?

Because of our unique data Intelligence offering.

Our services and solutions combine like no other competitor’s software does, allowing companies to resolve varied costing and strategy issues and create new data insights that were unimaginable before. Instead of just trying to sell software, we help organizations identify their data needs, and build company-wide models that can be perfected over time.

    Procredit Bank (Ecuador)

    “ProCredit has worked with Sixtina Cost & Profitability solution since February 2010. A simple and easy-to-implement template model was used at the beginning of the implementation phase, where the structure of the cost model was based on Sixtina’s specific knowledge of the industry. This resulted in a smooth and on-schedule setup. Since then, the cost model has been perfected and expanded and Procredit regularly uses it to analyze cost and profitability data that drives decision-making”.
    Carlos Avila - Financial Analyst


    Clinica Biblica Hospital (Costa Rica)

    “Our hospital needed a modern and efficient cost and profitability analysis tool, as well as an integrated and capable system to monitor and align our strategic objectives. With Sixtina Total Management Suite we were able to solve both these needs through the use of one integrated platform. With Sixtina Cost & Profitability we now have an automated, fast, and accurate costing software with which we can learn the precise costs of our products, services, and processes. This solution also enables us to better understand the individual causes that drive our overall profitability and to adjust based on them. On top of that, the Balanced Scorecard tool provides timely and proper monitoring of our strategic objectives, and permits an alignment of all the areas involved in their success”.
    Jorge Rodriguez - Head of Risk Management


    Megaluminio (Mexico)

    “We are a company in constant growth and for a long time we’d been looking for a tool within the software market which would support us in strategy management, data integration, and cost analysis, for better decision-making, that would allow us to continue growing within an increasingly competitive market. With Sixtina Total Management Suite we were able to establish reliable and real-time analytics that allow us to control the most critical elements of our business. Using both Sixtina Cost & Profitability and Balanced Scorecard solutions we can concentrate on customers and products that are most profitable, perfect our processes, and deliver our strategy by transforming simple data into strategic information”.
    Fernando Lovera - Sales Director


    DuocUC University (Chile)

    “In its aim to provide top-level training with the most modern technologies available, the University has selected Sixtina Balanced Scorecard software for students of the School of Business to be able to learn and train in this widespread strategy management methodology. Benefiting from Sixtina’s higher education client program, we are able to provide each of our students with an individual educational license that allows them to experiment first-hand with software solutions that managers use in companies all over the world to plan, execute and manage their business strategies”.
    Pablo Pombo - IT Services Manager

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