Sixtina Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is designed to help assess the company’s strategy at all levels. BSC forms a framework for achieving agreement about the company’s most relevant quantifiable goals to measure performance and improve. Strategy management at its best.
Main characteristics
  • Unlimited scorecards

  • Fully customizable dashboards

  • Gantt project scheduling

  • Analytic navigator

  • Customizable alerts to KPI owners

What Sixtina BSC can help you with
Without a balanced set of indicators, performance improvements in one area may come at the expense of performance in other areas or short-term improvements may degrade long term value. BSC forms a framework for achieving agreement about strategy within the organization, communicating it to employees and assessing its validity and usefulness.
  • Helps resolve the number one issue of executives today: strategy execution.

  • Aligns everyone in the organization around the Mission and Vision thanks to its framework.

  • Allows organizations to better adapt to changes in the competitive landscape.

  • Provides quantifiable metrics that show the health of an organization.

  • Helps drive transparency for all stakeholders to appreciate and understand the organization’s strategy.

  • Links projects to goals, goals to measures, and measures to strategy.

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