Sixtina Cost & Profitability

Cost & Profitability allows you to improve decision-making by evaluating processes costs, analyzing profitability, delivering revenue growth, and finding cost reduction opportunities across the organization. Cost management at its best.

Main characteristics
Sixtina Cost & Profitability offers all of the functions, features and technology provided by larger vendors:
  • Multi-dimensional (cost object) analysis – OLAP

  • Multi-level cost allocations

  • Flexible modeling (conventional Activity-Based Costing or Time-driven Activity-Based Costing)

  • Materials and Stock inventory

  • Capacity management (used/idle capacity modeling and analysis)

Some things you can do with Sixtina Cost & Profitability
  • Learn the precise cost and profitability of products, customers, sales channels, etc. for maintenance, optimization or, in many cases, discontinuity.

  • Identify cost-reduction opportunities.

  • Measure the cost and efficiency of internal activities and processes.

  • Make vs. buy analysis.

  • Eliminate activities that don’t add value.

  • Control strategic expenses.

  • Focus on products and customers that are more profitable.

  • Add a cost management system that is unbiased towards volume of sale and aligned with the company’s current situation.

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