Sixtina Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is designed to help assess the company’s strategy at all levels. BSC forms a framework for achieving agreement about the company’s most relevant quantifiable goals to measure performance and improve. Strategy management at its besst.

Exact Costing

Knowing the exact cost of a product or service is priceless for an organization to better understand their current margin and profitability situations and act accordingly.

Profitability Analysis

It is crucial that Decision Makers are able to understand how products, channels, services, etc. utilize resources to determine their net profitability.

Processes Costs

Costing processes by calculating the cost allocation to each step in the process helps managers not only eliminate waste but also understand how resources are utilized.

Reduce Costs, Not Value

What is considered an art, it is one of the situations most organization still cannot master. It comes down to how well data can show the cost vs. value ratios.
Management Accounting Services For Every Type Of Organization
With over 20 years of experience in the costing and performance management consulting industry, we have identified the following recurrent COSTING ISSUES almost every organization has and found varied solutions to resolve them:

Exact Costing

Most operational problems arise from utilizing an outdated accounting data system, that delivers inaccurate information, for top-management decision making.

Profitability Analysis

It is incredible that Decision Makers today are lacking the precise costing information which throws their profitability analysis off, creating all sorts of problems.

Processes Costs

In a time continuous improvement efforts are vital, managers are not even close to costing processes efficiently enough, which jeopardizes any betterment project.

Costs vs. Value

In an effort to reduce costs, inaccurate costing information forces executives to misinterpret value and thus making irreparable decisions that affect the company as a whole.
Accurate costing techniques are key for the achievement of every organizations’ objectives. Without knowing exactly how costs are used by activities/processes in a timely manner, the future of the company is left to chance.

Key features

Choose between our Cost & Profitability or Balanced Scorecard tools to meet your specific needs, or combine the two to take Performance Management to the next level.

TMS runs entirely on the web. Users benefit from no initial investment, no installation and little configuration, secure hosting and scalability.

 Data Automation
TMS can connect to any database or file format, making it possible to automate the collection of data.

TMS includes a highly customizable Dashboard making it possible to visually analyze your cost and strategy data for new insights, reporting, and communication throughout the organization.

Offering all the functions, features and technology provided by larger vendors, TMS cost a fraction of their price and is monthly subscription-based.

TMS supports both English and Spanish.

We provide 24/7 direct support to TMS users, making a big difference between a terrible experience and a great one.

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