Total Management Suite (TMS)

Profitability and Strategy intelligence integrated into one intuitive platform. Sixtina’s Total Management Suite (TMS) allows teams to combine these two methodologies to take management to the next level, where it belongs.
Obtain highly valuable insights about costs by building a model that is unique to your organization, resulting in improved profitability.
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Set, communicate, and track the execution of strategies to improve your organization’s performance.
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Key features

  • Modular

    Choose between our Cost & Profitability or Balanced Scorecard tools to meet your specific needs, or combine the two to take Performance Management to the next level.

  • Cloud-based

    TMS runs entirely on the web. Users benefit from no initial investment, no installation and little configuration, secure hosting and scalability.

  • Data Automation

    TMS can connect to any database or file format, making it possible to automate the collection of data.

  • Dashboard

    TMS includes a highly customizable Dashboard making it possible to visually analyze your cost and strategy data for new insights, reporting, and communication throughout the organization.

  • Affordable

    Offering all the functions, features and technology provided by larger vendors, TMS cost a fraction of their price and is monthly subscription-based.

  • Multi-language

    TMS supports both English and Spanish.

  • Support

    We provide 24/7 direct support to TMS users, making a big difference between a terrible experience and a great one.

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